Reasons why men wear shape clothing

Over the last few years one of the highest trending products online has been men’s shapewear. So why are these products becoming so popular? And when can men wear shapewear?

This short blog will talk about some of the key benefits of shapewear for men and which products might help you achieve your desired look. In our previous blog ‘why wear women’s shapewear’ we discussed a number of different benefits of shapewear for women.

We highlighted the benefits of body shaping, posture and support. All these are also benefits for men.

So what are the other benefits for men? And why is shapewear becoming popular in the male demographic?


Men's Body Shape & Appearance 

Just like women men can utilize shapewear for a number of different occasions. Whether it be corporate, casual, party or even to the gym under your workout gear.

Wearing shapewear has some huge advantages when it comes to shaping and sculpting your body for the desired look or appearance. Many men these days are wearing shapewear to smooth out their figure and give them more confidence.

Shape Clothing offers a large range of men’s shapewear items, our most commonly purchased items are the sculpting singlet and shaping shorts. These products are popular as they provide high compression around the stomach and waistline, making you look slimmer and more toned. The sculpting singlet has the added benefit of not only smoothing out your stomach but also helping to define your chest.

Many of our customers find that you achieve the best results when using these products in combination. Wearing a sculpting singlet allows you to provide compression around the stomach and also to define the chest. While the shorts provide additional support to the waistline and stomach (extra tummy control for anyone wanting to flatten a beer belly!).


Better Posture (Stand Taller) 

As we’ve highlighted in previous blogs wearing shapewear can help to improve your posture and support your lower back. The high compression item in our men’s shapewear range include the sculpting top, sculpting singlet, sculpting top with waist trainer and shaping shorts all of these items help to support your back and hold in your stomach and your core.

The benefit of high compression shapewear is the support it provides, it helps make you stand straight which prevents lower back pain, and often makes you appear taller and firmer around the torso. As mentioned previously shapewear can also help in alleviating pain in the lower back and lumbar area through providing additional support and compression in these areas.

At Shape Clothing our men’s range of shapewear only uses nylon and spandex materials. We choose to exclusively use these fabrics as they are more durable, breathable and highly compressive. They also hold less bad bacteria and smells unlike other popular fabrics and materials like polyester.

Want to learn more about the features & benefits of shapewear?

Please check out the features and benefits section on each of the mens products. Or feel free to message us on the contact page or open up a live chat.  We look forward to helping you with your shapewear journey.