How to care for Nylon & Spandex Shapewear

This blog will discuss the best ways to care for your shape clothing shapewear. It’s very important to look after and wash your shapewear correctly to ensure you get a long life out of your recently purchased items.

Firstly, it’s very important to note the washing instructions on the label of your shape clothing shapewear. When in doubt refer to your washing label. You’ll also receive a product card with your recent purchase which will have some washing recommendations and care instructions.

As highlighted in our previous blogs at shape clothing we use a material combination of nylon and spandex for most of our shapewear items. Both products have superb compression characteristics and are also breathable and quick drying.


Nylon & Spandex – What you need to know about your shapewear

Nylon is a synthetic material which is both strong and lightweight. Generally, nylon is easy to wash and take care of, but it can be damaged if not cared for correctly.

Spandex is slightly less durable than nylon so it’s important to note that while nylon can generally be machine washed it’s recommended that spandex is hand washed. Hence for all our men’s shapewear and women’s shapewear items we recommend hand washing only with gentle detergents, this will allow you to extend the life of your items and retain the elastic qualities for longer.


Regular care for Nylon & Spandex Shapewear

For your shape clothing items, male or female, we recommend to hand wash all shapewear clothing with cold water, and with laundry detergents that don’t contain and bleaches or damaging chemicals.

Typically, you should drip dry your nylon items. Put wet clothing on a non-staining hanger Add the garment and gently agitate it, lightly rubbing any stains.

Rinse the item in changes of cold or lukewarm water until all soap residue has been removed. Gently squeeze the excess washing water out – do not wring.


Special Issues with Nylon & Spandex Fabric

Nylon & Spandex fabrics which are used for men’s & women’s shapewear are usually long-lasting, however the more they are washed and dried, the more likely they are to become worn out. Hand washing and air drying are the best ways to avoid this. Washing and drying without machines can significantly extend the life of your nylon and spandex shapewear. And since nylon washes and dries easily, hand washing is not labour intensive.


Removing stains from your Nylon & Spandex Shapewear

If possible, remove the stain straight away. You should soak the stain immediately in cold water (do not use hot water as this can set the stain). Then simply apply a small amount of mild detergent to the stain and gently rub it (do not scrub it). Then proceed to hand wash as normal.


Removing strong odours from Nylon & Spandex Shapewear

To remove strong smells and odours from your shapewear simply fill a large bowl or bucket with lukewarm (max 30°C) water and add a small cup of bicarbonate of soda. Allow the garment to soak overnight. The rinse with cold or cool water and then air dry, do not tumble dry.


Ironing Nylon & Spandex

Any shape clothing shapewear items containing nylons & spandex do not wrinkle when washed/dried properly. The general rule is to never iron garments that contain spandex or nylon.

If you have any additional questions in relation to Nylon & spandex shapewear give our team a call or open our chat box.